Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Yay, Tyler is 16 today!

Too big for mom's lap? Never!

How quickly the time has passed since you were just a baby I sang lullabies to, a toddler who chased bubbles, an elementary student practicing your spelling lists and a scrawny guy heading into Junior High. Now you are a sophomore at AMES, a wonderful student and friend and SIXTEEN years old.
You have provided plenty of challenges but the rewards and blessings for the experiences has been so worth it! Tyler, we are so glad that you chose to be our son, so that you could use your compass to help us become better people!
You are truly a sweet 16!


Sophia said...

I love this picture! Just an hour ago, my 8 year old was in my lap and told me that when he's 16, he'll still sit in my lap every morning but that he might squish me.Ü Happy Birthday, Tyler!


Artsyfartsy1 said...

That's so awesome! Great photo. They are NEVER too big to sit on our laps and tell us they love us or vice versa. My son is 14 while completely over towering me in height and weight - love that little booger with all my heart. Congrats and happy birthday to Tyler.