Sunday, October 23, 2005

Halloween is just around the corner!

I love Halloween! It might just be my favorite holiday!

(I would have to do a deeper assessment to see
which one actually ends up on top!) Kids eating way too much junk food, yelling trick or treat, running around in crazy costumes that usually make no sense to anyone but the wearer!

And the excitement before hand is so fun! What are you going to be? Where is that witches hat? Have you seen the vampire cape?
What kind of candy should we pass out?
We also love the movies that we watch in preparation for the big day! Hocus Pocus, All the Batman movies, and The Nightmare Before Christmas (which is my personal favorite!)

After watching Nightmare, Laurel carved this incredible pumpkin, the likeness to Jack is wonderful, and we loved looking at it until yesterday when it had caved in from the mold!
This is such a great time of year, giving just to give, running around with a constant sugar buzz, and pretending that you can be anything that you want! When else can you dress up like an ax murderer and the neighbors say "oh how cute"? It is all in good fun, no political correctness, no worries as to what will the neighbors think when my kid has blood running down his face!
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