Sunday, November 06, 2005

Halloween has come and gone, but the candy is still here!

I love candy, I love halloween and the combination can leave me remembering the festivities with a gift of about 5 pounds hanging on my rear!
Well I was so good this year!
Up until two days after Halloween I had not eaten any of the candy!
Well there was that Baby Ruth just sitting there begging me to eat it (the big one)
and the left over mini-snickers *love* those, had three in one sitting yesterday! And so it goes!
As for the kids, they each brought home about eight pounds of candy! I usually hide it and then dole it out carefully. This year I just decided to let them graze, they would always just neak what they wanted anyway, and I would sneak it to. So this way they can just get themselves sick of it and be done and I won't eat as much of it! I hope this plan works!
The kids were hilarious! No one really wanted to dress up except Carter, but they all wanted to go trick-or-treating. So they did a frantic dig and came up with pathetic costumes that were entertaining to everyone in the neighborhood!
Carter was so COOL! he loves Bionicles, and we found a Bionicle costume at Target (it was on sale too, even cuter!)
Chloe was a cute witch! Big biker babe boots, short shiny black skirt, and a purple witches hat, adorable!
Laurel was a pirate (arrrrgh!) She had on her school clothes and found a red sash and a buff with the Jolly Roger on it, so funny! Our Neighbors just love the kids so much that it was entertaining to them to see them out like this being complete hooligans!
I don't have a picture of Tyler, he snuck out before I could get him! He put on his afro wig, and the big purple fuzzy coat. It was way too small for him! So funny! His buddy Tony borrowed the hula skirt and coconut bra--I really wish I had a picture of this, Tony is a BIG guy with a great sense of humor, and it was so funny! They went out and visited all of their youth and Church leaders and goofed off! Not much candy came back with him, but he was giddy from the silliness! Such a great holiday, one in which the kids can just be kids and the parents can let them! Now, where are those mini snickers.....

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