Sunday, December 09, 2012

Free Faux Mercury Glass Ornament Tutorial

I love to cruise around on Pinterest and explore, find inspiration and make new friends!
Recently I was inspired by this pin

As soon as I saw this pin and put it in my Winter and Christmas Inspiration Board I knew just how I would be able to make something similar. The next thing I will try is figuring out how to age them so they look like they have been around for 50 years. But I am very pleased with the initial result, and am looking forward to making many more of them in different sizes and shapes.

Start by finding clear glass ornaments, I got mine from Michael's, they were 50% off and they had a few different sizes of the round and also a few unusual shapes. You will also need Adirondack  Silver Mixative, an applicator, and an alcohol based solution. Ranger makes one as does Copic. (I am going to try rubbing alcohol in my next version to see if I can get the cost lower)

Take the top out of the ornament and put some of the alcohol solution inside. It won't matter if you put too much in as it eventually evaporates, it just takes longer for the project to dry on the inside.

Squeeze a few drops of the Silver Mixative inside the ornament as well. Start swirling and rolling the ornament.(be patient when rolling it around to keep it even)

It takes a few minutes for it to dry/evaporate, so just keep swirling and rolling to keep it from settling all in one place. (this is a great in front of your favorite tv show project!)

Prepare the applicator by putting a few drops of the Silver Mixative onto the felt portion.

Then place some of the alcohol solution onto the applicator to loosen up the mixative.

Start dabbing onto the outside of the ornament.

Continue applying the mixative and solution to the applicator as necessary until the entire outside has been covered.

This will leave a beautiful, textured layer on the glass.

The result is glistening, and glamorous, and a project that can be made with older children. I am so pleased with how they look, and I knew that I would want to share that with all my crafty friends, so thanks for dropping by and I hope you have as much fun trying this project as I did!

Happy Holiday Crafting!

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Katy said...

That is so pretty! I found your blog via the big hop, and kept reading, so SO glad that I found you, I'm going to keep following you too!