Monday, March 12, 2012

DST Monday

DST, otherwise known as Daylight Savings Time.
It is the hardest time of the year for me, my biological clock is set to Pacific time, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, and it is where my clock was set growing up. So moving to Utah 16 years ago was a little hard on my system, and you think I would have adjusted by now (It is okay when the clocks go backward) but I haven't and I really struggle to get my brain to bed at a reasonable hour and an even harder time getting it to wake up in the morning. This isn't helped at all by the fact that I am a hard core night owl!
So today unraveled from the beginning when I got up on time, went to play tennis and someone hadn't gotten a sub so there weren't enough of us to play. No exercise or cathartic hitting of the tennis ball. Big Bummer.

Today was a deadline today as well. Paper Crafts had a deadline for submitting to their Sept/Oct issue. No submissions for me, just no juice in my coconut!

Top all of that off with other pressing expectations and I am ready to crawl under the covers and wait for tomorrow to start all over again...

But I didn't, I kept it together and followed through with what needed to be done. I am looking for the silver lining in all of my frustrations. I think it is in tomorrow when I will feel so much relief that my deadlines are dealt with properly that maybe my brain will be willing to shut off at a reasonable time of night and let my body have a good nights rest.

Are you having as hard a time as I am? Does it wreak havoc with your system, or do you love the change?
(I do love the extra light at night, but that doesn't help me get to bed any earlier, lol!)

Well at least it is a sign that Spring is just around the corner, and I do love that!!

Authentique patterned paper
Hambly silver and white cloud overlay
Webster's Pages letter stickers
American Crafts glitter thickers

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