Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Graphic 45 Gift Box Tutorial

I know there are a lot of tutorials going into the posts right now, hopefully you aren't sick of them!
It is just that time of year where we have a lot going on and every little bit of help makes a difference and can save a lot of time!

This box can be used to share goodies or even light weight gifts, and the little window shares a peek of what is inside.

1) Cut the paper for the bottom of the box at 12” x 12”, score at 3” and 9”. Turn paper and score at 3” and 9”.
2) Trim into horizontal scores to vertical scores, apply adhesive to top of flaps and adhere to back of side flaps.
3) Cut the paper for the lid of the box at 8” x 8”. Score at a little less 1” and and a little more than 7”. turn the paper and score at just a little less than 1” and and a little more than 7”. (Remember with a lid we need barely a titch!!) To make this easier for the titch purposes, you can turn each edge as you score and just move it barely away from the left edge and use the 1” channel to get that tiny titch adjustment.
4) Trim into horizontal scores to vertiacl scores, carefully use die cutting system to cut window. Apply adhesive to the flaps and adhere to bakc of side flaps. Apply dry adhesive to inside of lid and adhere tranparency piece in place.
5) Cut 4 1/2” x 12” strips and adhere around box and lid to resemble gift wrap.
6) Remove tag from sheet and adhere to lid with dimensional foam adhesive.

I hope this inspires you to share the holiday spirit with those around you!!



Elaine A said...

Becky -

This is gorgeous! Thank you so much for the tutorial. Post away! Post away! LOL!

Elaine Allen

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHH! What a beautiful gift box!! LOVE the tutorial--I will def. have to try this for Christmas:)