Friday, March 25, 2011

Celebrate Today and Everyday

I have to admit that I haven't come down from cloud 9 since Tyler has been home  :o)

It feels so great to have him here, to see his face unexpectedly come around a corner and to hear his voice from another room lifts my heart to the highest heights. It is little things like that where I find the most happiness, and reminds me what the really important things are. So today is the perfect day to share this sweet card. It is snowing here in Utah and my crocus have just started peeking out of the ground this week. A few posies in the baskets of colorful bikes are perfect for the spring weather that is just around the corner don't you think? And I really want a bike like this adorable Hero Arts stamp, so cute!!



Elaine A said...

Love the card Becky. It is just so sweet and makes me think of Spring. The bike also reminds me of the one my sister and I used to share when we were kids.
So glad you are enjoying your son.

Elaine Allen

Tiff said...

VERY cool card and what a different way to use that Hero stamp! LOVE!

Brenda Hurd said...

OH MY Heck!! I can't beleive he's home! 2 Years have really gone by. I'm so happy for you and your cute family that you are all back together, I can't imagine how fun and new it is right now. BIG HUGS!!

Anonymous said...

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