Monday, November 15, 2010


I can't say it properly in Portuguese, and I am not even sure if that is the correct spelling or if there is an accent somewhere, but that is where my son is right now on his LDS mission in Brazil. Of course we had to Google Earth the location. Do you do that too with a location that you are unfamiliar with? Not even sure how much help that was for us. We don't know the name of the town in Rondonia that Tyler will be living in, and have yet to hear from him since he let us know last week that he would be taking a 30 hour bus ride from the town of Dourados, to somewhere in Rondonia.

As you can see, this location is pretty close to the middle of  the entire South American continent and looks very rural. We are excited to hear about the people he meets, the sights he sees and what the foods and culture are like. What an incredible adventure!!
Meanwhile at home we are about as boring as you could get, school going on as usual for the kids and I am enjoying my craft room working on some Hambly things and a few projects with Pink Paislee's House of Three Parisian Anthology for my guest time with them for this month. Loads of fun playing with these products and the chance to share what I love doing with others.
Can't wait to share some of the projects here!
Happy Adventurous Autumn to my Northern Hemisphere friends and to my Southern Hemisphere friends, Happy Splendid Spring!!

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Kathy said...

How awesome that your son is serving a mission....mine just recently returned...what a tremendous blessing!