Monday, November 08, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Not sure if it is me just spinning my wheels, or if  "that" time of year has officially arrived, but man am I busy. I like busy, so this is a good thing, but keeping each of the individual things I am working on moving forward and seeing them through to completion has my head spinning just a little bit. Are you feeling the same way, or am I alone in this?
Since it is also that time of year where giving thanks and reflecting on our blessings is key, I have been trying to post what I am thankful for on Facebook each day. Some of those status updates have been:

Things I am grateful for today, the friends that know my hopes and dreams so well that they know when to call and why, pomegranates (even though they are messy and make your hands an awful color) and wet dog noses.

Things I am grateful for today, Diet Pepsi, a husband that spoils me, texting with friends and the beautiful dark rust color that appears on the leaves only this time of year.

Things I am grateful for today, sleeping in very late, my alma mater in the biggest football game of the season (GO UTES!), flannel pj's and shipping boxes with my name on them.

Things I am grateful for today, the freedom to worship where, how and what I may (thanks to the many veterans and their sacrifices), the sweet voices of children singing songs of worship and praise, the opportunity to love and be loved unconditionally and washers and dryers.

I am looking forward to doing this each day as I have found it really helps me to become more introspective and appreciative of how great things are and what really matters. I try really hard each day during the rest of the year to have an attitude of gratitude, but this year I wanted to put it in writing, the verbalizing of my blessings makes them seem even larger and apparent to me and somehow makes them even more meaningful. 











 This card was fun to make, and there is a write up for it over at the CLASSroom blog. I picture each of those leaves being an individual thanks that I want to share with the friend that I had in mind when I made it. Sometimes it isn't possible to make a list, so here is hoping that the visual helps get that special message across.

Hoping that the busy stays and doesn't bring too much stress along with it!



Groove Press said...

This is wonderful card; I wish I had the talent to do something like this. I have tried, but I just am not good in the art of stamping. Thank you for sharing your designs and thoughts so freely.

Anonymous said...

oh, i'm loving your card. such sweet little details (hello cute owl!!). and what a great idea to post what you're thankful for each day. you're inspiring. xoxo.