Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Meet Winnifred, My Halloween Lollipop Doll

I am so excited to introduce you to Winnifred, she is the darling little lollipop doll that Natalie taught us to make last night. Celeste, Erin, Natalie and I got together to get a little more crafty girl time and there were some more delish snacks too of course. Natalie had all the adorable components ready for us, so all we had to do was start painting and dressing our cute little dolls. It has been forever since I played with a doll, and I just have to say I have been missing out! This cute little lady was so much fun and addicting that I am going to be trying my hand at making more of them for other holidays and occasions.

It isn't that I need another hobby, but these are so tiny and giftable not to mention flat out super cute! After I got started I kept getting ideas from the other gals and loads of help too! Natalie drew the perfect little eyes and Celeste put on that perfect little pout. I did manage the hair and rosy cheeks myself, and I wish you could see the little green stripes on her legs.
Sweet Winnifred is sporting some seriously bewitching fashion and I think Christian Siriano would call her capelet "fierce"!
It really doesn't get much more fun than this, playing dolls with your friends, is definitely going to be on the agenda again!



Eveline said...

This is so cute. I love all the little details.

Natalie said...

Love her!!!!! She is such a doll.

Megan said...

Super cute! I saw Erin's today at work too. They're so bitty and fun.

Melissa said...

So fun! The little clothes are awesome and her face is really friendly!! Great Job!