Thursday, July 08, 2010

My Other Obsession

I have just a few things in my life that I am completely obsessed with. I don't think I am very high maintenance (my husband may not always agree with that assessment, lol!) and I don't get caught up in what the latest and greatest fashion trend is or who is going where and doing what. But when it comes to tennis and crafting, I am completely obsessed! If I am not on the court hitting the fuzz off the ball chances are I am in my studio making a creative mess, or vice versa.
So it only seemed fitting that I do a layout about the team that I went to districts with a few years ago, as the team that I am on this year has also made it to that level of competition. When you have a group of people who love something just as much as you do it is important to document the moments and treasure that time as it is very hard to come by! It is going to be a month of preparing for the competition that will occur in early August, with the winner from that tournament moving onto sectionals. Our team (along with the other five that we will be competing against) desperately wants to go on to the next level of play and it will take lots of cooperation, sacrifice, patience and lots of luck as well, to make that happen. I feel very lucky to have such fulfilling activities in my life, and appreciate how it all gives me perspective on what is important and what can fall to the side.
So if you don't mind wishing us a little luck, we sure could use it!!



Melissa said...

Wow! Beautiful Job!!

Lynn said...

Hey friend! You've got positive energy and good wishes coming from me... ALWAYS!!

And, I've been meaning to ask you if you played in High School?? Because I was thinking as passionate as you are about the game, that you probably did!!!

Love ya like a sister!!

Becky said...

Thanks ladies!!

And Lynn, I didn't play in high school, I ran cross country and was a cheer leader...

Wish I had though!!