Monday, May 31, 2010


I have been trying a new twist on my crafty ways. It is called "Soldering" (this link will take you to Wikipedia for more information if you are interested) and is the art of integrating glass, found objects and metal working. I grew up in a house where my dad used this technique on a daily basis for his business of repairing all kind of electronic items. So the magic of it has always held fascination in my eyes. What finally got me started was a kit from Ellen Hutson called the Simply Swank "Creative Art Kit".
The first pendant is for the Trend Watch post that I wrote today on the vintage invasion we are experiencing right now and is made using Webster's Pages vellum. The second is one that I made using Hambly rub-ons and Pink Paislee patterned paper.
I am addicted! I am wanting to solder everything now, my mind is looking at bits and baubles and wondering how I could get them wrapped in foil and covered in solder!

I am not sure how these words are supposed to be pronounced either, so if anyone has an opinion please share! I grew up hearing it from my dad who was trained in the Navy as "saw-ter" (using a phonetic spelling, please excuse!) and my children who have both learned this skill in their tech classes at school use the same pronunciation with no exposure or influence from my dad, that is how their teacher pronounced it. What is even more exciting to me is that Chloe is intrigued to learn how to create art and jewelry using this skill set and we have talked about projects that we can work on together! So happy to have something that we can do together, teens time is a scarce commodity, so any that she has to share with me is greatly appreciated and anticipated!!!
We had a very relaxing and beautiful Memorial Day weekend, we all needed some downtime before this crazy last week of school! Hope you had an enjoyable weekend as well!

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Julia said...

Gorgeous projects B!!!! I have to get out my soldering kit tomorrow. Up here we pronounce it saw-der, so pretty close!