Monday, February 08, 2010

Sharing a little Love

It was a Monday with some ups and downs for me, so I made a little project that I thought would be fun to share that cheered me up a little. Maybe it will do the same for you.

I saw paper flowers all over CHA, and took a little time to figure out how to make them, there are loads of good tutorials out there, but it is really easy and all it takes is a little trial and error. First start with a circle (mine were all varied from 3" to 5") and then cut a spiral from the outside edge to the inside. Keep the width as even as you can until you reach the end and then start from the outside of the spiral and roll it until you reach the inside where you need to place a few glue dots on the rounded end. Then place the spiraled paper onto the top of the dots, and then gently press the paper into the dots to secure them.

For a project like this you will need to make quite a few, a great way to spend some time if you have evening shows to watch but you still want to get something done. I used the Chic Bebe Girl line from Teresa Collins for this project because the pinks were so darling, but it would look great in any color of pink you have so use what you have if you don't have time or money to do any shopping.

I started with a piece of cardboard from a shipping box that I had drawn a heart onto and then I trimmed it out with my Tonic Tim Holtz scissors, they are great for everything! Hot glue the first flowers into the middle and then work out from there. You can hot glue a ribbon onto the top to hang it with or punch holes before you put the flowers on and tie the ribbon through the holes.

These flowers are great for embellishing lots of projects and look great in lots of different colors, I hope you take a few minutes to try making them and finding a project to make with them.


I found the video tutorial that I watched to learn how to make these! Natasja Veerbeek shared this on her blog, Vintage Tearooms. Here is a direct link to the vimeo called "Wedding Bouquet". Have fun learning!!


stephanie said...
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kksb said...

Your heart is beatiful. I hope it lifted your spirits as you made it.It made me smile and sigh when I saw it. So so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and teaching. You made my day brighter. Thank you.

Carmi said...

That wreath is gorgeous!

laura vegas said...

this is just gorgeous! i may have to try it out :)

Natasja said...

Thanks for putting up the link :)
Love your heart!