Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Love At Home

So grateful for my sweet family, the kids are so supportive of my daily creative efforts and my husband puts up with a lot of industry byproduct that I bring into our home from my commitments. I am very blessed that we have love in our home to help us with the negative that comes in everyday. The positive benefits from our kindness and patience with each other makes all of the negative stuff insignificant and helps us keep each other as a priority.

I have been have been missing Tyler even more than usual for the last couple of weeks, and it has made me more tender to the barbs and comments from others. He has been dealing with a really bad head cold and I am praying that he doesn't get an infection from it. It is hard that he is so far away and I want so badly to take care of him while he isn't well. I know that the Lord will keep a watchful eye on him, and that he is very blessed for the service he gives on a daily basis. In one month we will be in the countdown until he gets to come home. We had been keeping track of how long he has been gone and it will be exciting to think of it the other way!

I had a wonderful time creating this project that is in the CLASSroom. I will be doing a Trend Watch article every other week, and continue with the technique tags too. If you would like instructions on how to create it, the information is waiting for you there!

There is another fun project that I created today and have just a few more pictures to take so that I can share it with you tomorrow, hope you can stop by again to feel the love!


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