Monday, January 11, 2010


After being separated from my computer for the last few days while it was visiting the dr. I realized just how attached to it I am! Should probably find a way to deal with my addiction, but for now I am doing a big ol' happy dance that it is back in the house and feeling so much better! Now just to avoid those ugly little buggies that manage to crawl in from the outside.
I did take a little time to slow down and enjoy my kids while this was all going on. We played some rock band, watched some movies and enjoyed the new season of Chuck!
In between all that fun, I did spend a little time in my studio and came out with a few new projects. I will be doing so new product sneaks over the next few weeks for Zva Creative and Teresa Collins, some really fun stuff! All of the new product out just makes my heart melt, I just love it all and can't wait until it ends up on my desk ready to be played with!


Elaine A said...

Hi Becky -

Missed you and glad you are back. Amazing how addicted we get to these things, isn't it - LOL! I love your card today, so pretty.

Elaine Allen

susan opel said...

Just popping in to say that I *heart* you, and I'm glad we're friends. :)