Thursday, January 07, 2010

Fun Times

A little sarcasm there, but my poor little 'puter is just not happy with the copious amount of work that I am making it deal with. It has been complaining for a few months and we have been masking the symptoms with quick fixes, but today it became very apparent that the upgrade to Win 7 is a must. Being compelled isn't my favorite way to handle a large task, but that is usually how it works.

Maybe it is appropriate to start the new year with a cleaned up 'puter anyway ;o)

Working on lots of fun stuff, new Zva Creative is in the house, and there will be a blog hop again in the very near future, so keep your eyes open for that. There is also new gorgeous new Teresa Collins products that are gracing my work table, and they are so fun and easy to use. She has really kicked some boo-tay with this release!

Ellen and I are working on a game plan for the must see manufacturers at CHA, if you have any suggestions for what your favies are, please leave a comment so we can check them out. There are some terrific sneaky peeks going on, so the excitement is really building for us.

And can you feel it? There is love in the air, so many beautiful Valentine projects starting to pop up everywhere! The colors of this holiday are so sweet and perky that it is hard to get grumpy with all the love is swirling around, such a good thing!


p.s. Yeah, I originally put in a pic that I had already shared! I am such a doofus! Changed it to be the one I originally meant to put in, thanks for being patient with me!


Elaine A said...

Hi Becky -

My Christmas present from my husband is a new computer that he is building for me - so can't wait for that. You don't want to even ask me what I'd like to explore at CHA, to many decisions, my poor brain would explode. I'd want to see everything - LOL!
Let me tell you again, I just adore that pink tag with the owl - beautiful!

Elaine Allen

Rachel Carlson said...

one word: MAC

please come and give me a hug at the TOW booth #1773. PLEASE.

OH, and look for some mail soon. oops. i thought i had everything done for the holiday.


Nancy said...

That background is even more glorious the second time I'm seeing it. Cannot wait to see what you and Ellen have up your sleeves.

Good luck with your computer. Mine caught a deadly virus and I was forced to buy a new one. I actually liked my old computer, so it was a sad time.

Chriss Blagrave said...

Awesome piecing! Great colours too, beautiful.