Sunday, December 13, 2009

Snow Day!

The snow has been falling all day, and it is so beautiful! I just love snow days! I actually had a nap this afternoon and sipped on a few cups of hot peppermint tea, I needed a slow, quiet and relaxing day. The 12 tags of Christmas with a Feminine twist is done, and while it was exhausting, I enjoyed doing it so much! It gave me a new found respect for Tim and his ability to perform so consistently, and I also learned a ton myself as I pushed my knowledge to new levels. You should see me taking a picture with my left hand and applying stickles with the right, quite the balancing act. I love the project that I created, and am so grateful to everyone who stopped by the CLASSroom to see what was going on!

I also got my January Creating Keepsakes, it was an issue that had two of my projects in it. Made me so happy to see my layout of Tyler in the sketch section! The other layout is of Chloe and in the article called "Those Quotable Kids". I am so in love with my hobby of paper crafting it is crazy! Whether I am making a card, scrapbook page or other playful project, I am in hog heaven if it involves making a mess in my studio! Such a lucky girl!

We did get our tree up this weekend and the girls did a great job of decorating it, it is so nice having kids that are great at helping and taking up where we need assistance.

This week marks Tyler being in Brazil for 8 months! The time is now seeming to fly, probably the time of year, but he is 33% done with his mission! We sent him a box for Christmas, and hope that it gets there in time for him to enjoy it for the actual holiday.

Well, that is all I got in my head for now...



Laura O'Donnell said...

your tags really came out great! can't wait to see the CK projects, too.

Ibolya said...

These tags are sooooo beautiful. you brought me some idee's for my christmasbook.


Elaine A said...

Becky -

Thank you again for all the lovely tags. And I feel honored to have won your first tag. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Elaine Allen

Rachel Carlson said...

OH MY, your tags are much better than our friend timmy's - shhhh, don't tell him - tee, hee. i ♥ the deer one a lot! you are doing fabulous sweet girl, so very proud of you. warmest of holiday hugs to you!