Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a week!

It flew by, nothing really important or huge went on, it just flew! I ended up playing a lot of tennis which is quite unusual for me right now with how my life is, but it was great to get outside, moving and changing things up! That also means that with my studio/office being worked on and me needing to do my job that not a lot of creative juice got flowing. I made up for that by going to Kim's last night and I made 4 layouts! One still has a lot to do on it, but the others just need a little journaling and they are done! Felt so good! It was weird to not make any cards, but there is always time for that...

This little card was one that I made a while ago, but never shared. It just went into a box that we sent to Tyler that had sour gummy worms and his favorite messenger bag. Shipping to Brazil is quite expensive, it cost about $45 to send a priority box that is $8 here. It was a great reminder for me of how I take some things for granted as a citizen of this great country.
I am off to play some more tennis. I know, crazy right? And then more organizing and maybe some crafting today! That would make me very happy! It is a gorgeous day here today, so whatever it brings, it is all good!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Julia Stainton said...

Awwww this is so sweet Becky! Love it! Glad you got a night out. You inspired me to get some organizing done as it was seriously wayyyy past due. I broke down and tried the stamps on the Clip It's fabulous!

Anonymous said...

LOOOVE the monkey! I saw the funniest thing today (speaking of monkeys!) I was looking for powder at the grocery store and stumbled upon "Anti-Monkey Butt powder" I almost wet my pants laughing... I *MAY* have to go back and buy some...just for fun!
Have fun playing tennis! Sounds like work to me! LOL!

heather said...

wow cute card! gotta love that monkey!

~amy~ said...

Okay, this card couldn't be any cuter!!!

this totally cracked me up:

"Anti-Monkey Butt powder"