Monday, May 18, 2009

It was HOT today!!


In other news, because it is that time of year, I spent a good part of the day driving kids hither and thither as they have events that need attending, good times!!! I also got a chance to get a little messy, but not enough got done because of the car time to have anything finished to share...


So here is a card that went to the NY Stationary show with Clip It Up. It is a sneak peek of a new line that will be revealed on Friday! The paper is Graphic 45 Fashionista, I just love that blue, and Ranger inks.
Hope you were able to stay cool and get some playtime in! (whatever your play may be!) Going to get some tennis in this week too, and working on art for another project that I will get tell you more about very soon! (I want to share so bad, and not being able to is such torture!) I just love it when dreams do come true though!!!
Heard from Tyler today, and he is almost fluent in Portuguese, he said that he has learned that when he doesn't know the word for something he just doesn't say anything. How crazy does that sound coming from the mind of a 19 year old boy? Wacked!!!! He really is maturing so much, and I think that we won't have a kid come home, but an exceptional young man. Just love and miss him so much!
Hope you have a great week!


Houston said...

Wow, fluent already! So cool! Great card B, CIU is lucky to have it with them!

lottie said...

What a fabulous card - love the colours