Monday, July 07, 2008

I need a vacation...

But all I have time for is a card, LOL!

This card was very fun to make and uses quite a few different Cornish Heritage Farms stamps.
There is the "Asian" backgrounder stamped onto the 7 Gypsies 6x6 script from the "Capri" line. There is the square from the Kim Hughes "Foursquare" set that was stamped and then rotated once and stamped again on Prism smooth white. Then the surfboard from the "Paradise Found" set that was the Kim Hughes June release. I stamped with Adirondack inks and colored with Copic markers.
Now there is a reason that it is shaded with blue instead of maybe a sand color...
The "boy-zois" were "playing" in my scraproom and put this in their mouths, and apparently dog juice can make Adirondack inks smear...
So, thus the interesting shading.
They are good little helpers aren't they!
This would be right before they got ahold of one of my new tennis shoes and gave that a little chew as well.
Yup, gotta love that kind of help!
I played in that shoe this morning, just to show my tennis girls what good helpers I had at my house. A mommy has got to be able to brag on her babies!


Paper Smooches said...

clever this!!!

Erin said...

This is beautiful. I love the colors, I totally covet the flower!

I like best though that you rotated and double stamped the square from foursquare! That is super clever, you should win an award!

Would it be ok if I featured this card on the Inspirational Crafts blog?

here's a link:

If so please email me at thanks so much

Rachel Carlson said...

have missed your blog. great card and look forward to seeing you at CHA. hugs, rach

Brenda Hurd said...

SUPER cute card - love the smearing - gives it a personal touch!

Ranger and Tanner said...

No vacations for you...super cute card, a little suprised no Wimbleton comments/post from you yet. :)

Mary Kay said...

I love that paper, as un-7Gs as it was... Love the canine shading method. You should patent that!