Friday, July 04, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

A very relaxing and no brainer day here today, very needed and very grateful for the country that we live in and for the men and women who protect it that give me this luxury.
Houston asked for an update on the "boy-zois" so here is a recent pic of them with the daddy and boy...

An update on the layout contest, I lost badly but came in second by a healthy margin. Gotta say how much I appreciate all of you that supported in me in that endeavor! Thanks Peeps!!!

This week at work has been very busy with CHA prep, and last minute production issues. I love that there is never a dull moment and that my to do list is always a mile long! It is hard to find some creative "me time" right now and honestly I am not used to that being a problem, but I know that after a while I will be able to find that balance and get back into my creative groove.

Watch for product sneak peeks next week, seriously mind bending stuff! I will give hints, Thomas Kinkade and Kim Hughes in a way that they have never been seen! And even more things going into the pipeline that will blow your socks off baby!

So going to run, the kids are going to light a few fire-crackers that Dad is treating them to, hopeful to catch a few pics!

Enjoy your freedom!


Mona Lisa said...

Waving hi to the boyzois Bek!

Houston said...

Wow, such handsome boys in your life! See you soon in Chi-town!

Rachel Carlson said...

hey cute boyzois! see you soon for CHA. hugs, rach