Friday, May 16, 2008

Thomas Kinkade

Today was the release of the latest Thomas Kinkade image called "Hometown Pride" It is so beautiful, and is perfect for this time of year as we are celebrating and remembering the patriots who fought for our freedoms.
The design team at CHF has really done an inspiring presentation of the stamp and shown how versatile and interesting it can be!
On a different note, my little Novak went in for his "boy bit" procedure and Nikolay is missing him greatly (well, we all are!) He weighed in at 60 pounds today at 7 months old. He looks so skinny, but apparently there is a little more to him than I had thought possible!
We had a very exciting and busy week at CHF preparing for all of our stuff we are involved in. It is hectic now, I can hardly wait to see what it will be like when we get to really rolling!
I got some happy mail today that I am looking forward to playing with this weekend! I get to go to Kim's house tomorrow for the day and we have a crop to go to and loads to catch up on, going to be great! I am ready and so need it!
The kids are so ready for school to let out for the summer, only 2.5 weeks to go, YIKES!
Me, not so much...

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