Sunday, May 18, 2008

Big happy family!

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago when the weather was a little cooler, but it is the perfect representation of what today was.
The kids and dogs have been hanging out doing a whole lot of nothing and just enjoying the slow pace. Novak returned home earlier in the morning yesterday from his overnight stay at the Vet's for his little adjustment. He was so happy to see us and even happier to get home! He and Nikolay really missed each other, and even though Niko had loads of extra play time with everyone, it just isn't quite the same as having his brother literally nipping on his heels, LOL!
We have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean shows and Dave and Carter made huge YUMMY pretzels (you should try them with cranberry horseradish sauce, mmmmmmmmmm)
Tomorrow is a CHF Challege Chick Monday and it is a cool one, I decided I had to find time to play!
I had a GREAT time with Kim yesterday! We spent a few of our hours together with Emilie Ahern at her last local crop before she moves across the country to Delaware (where?) and had a really fun visit, I even got a few things done ;)
I feel so blessed to have Kim as a friend, she is FUN, SMART, GENEROUS and UBER TALENTED, she keeps me in my place!
So that is about that!
A really wonderful weekend!

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