Sunday, April 27, 2008

Puppy Playtime

It has been a while since a pic of the boys has been up, so even though it is not a good one, it is what they are about!
They play a lot, and when they play it is rough, not for the faint of heart, LOL! They snap, bite, pull, growl and chase each other and the objects that they are playing with. Nikolay weighs almost 60 pounds now, and Novak is almost 50. So it can become a big blur of dog activity when they get going.
Here is a break down of a dog day:
Wake-up with dad at 6:45 for morning relief and stretch, lay back down and rest for another hour and have breakfast at 7:45.
First morning walk and the first big business of the day. Back home for some water and backyard play and then another bit of business before a nice long morning nap.
A few minutes outside in the late morning for relief and maybe a small romp in the back. More napping.
Kids get home so it is playtime, another walk with the kids and a little more backyard time. Resting and hanging out until dinner at 6:00. A few more trips outside for business, play in the backyard and some nights a late walk if they still have a little extra energy. The kids are great about everything with the puppies, they pick up after them, feed and play with them and take them on their walks. I just have to do a LOT of delegating to make sure they stay on task. Hopefully while we are training the dogs to be good dogs, we are training the kids to be good dog caretakers, that is even more important in the long run.
It was a wonderful Sunday with the family, we only have about a month left of school. We are starting to go to Tyler's Senior events. We are very proud of him, he has achieved some wonderful things in his academics at AMES and his teachers really appreciate his commitment and willingness to jump in and do what needs to get done. He was recognized recently as a Utah Scholar, someone who has had 4 years of math, 4years of english, 3 years of foreign language, and 4 years of science. His gpa has had some fluctuation, but he has really grown through the experience. He is a good kid!
Anyway, the weeks get busier this time of year with activities the schools plan to celebrate the growth of the children through the year, so we will be enjoying those.
Also, this next Saturday at Cornish Heritage Farms, we are celebrating National Scrapbook Day with a chat some challenges and some give-a-ways. It will be very fun!
Hope a few of my friends will drop by...
Have a wonderful week!

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