Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Wonder Years

Yup, the wonder years...

Like you wonder if everyone is going to survive. Or if the chores will eventually get done without nagging about them for the ga-jillionth time (yes that really is the number of times I have personally had to nag to get the dinner dishes done).
Or we wonder if the toys could get themselves put away for once instead of the person who last played with them having to do it.
Then you begin to wonder if they will miss you when they are grown up as much as you know you will miss them.
Can you tell it has been one of those long inside days? Snowy and cold when it should be getting more like spring everyday! And YES I am begining to wonder if spring will ever happen!
Layout is of Carter with the It Kit goodies! That cardstock is so cool, you can sand it so that you can see the core, coolness!


Mary Kay said...

Or you wonder what it would be like to do laundry once a week, like you used to... Or you wonder why you are the ONLY one who can see the arm-cover-things from the couch on the floor...

Oh, yes. Good times.

Nicole said...

love it bek!!
are those sanded circles? such a cool technique!

Brenda said...

super cool circles on this layout. You know - this is me right now - i still can't do much and here my house sits a HUGE mess and the kids don't put forth an effort AT ALL to help mom out till I yell it from the roof tops. No fair.