Thursday, March 27, 2008


I haven't had any of these in a very long time!
But, now I have two!
"The boys" are Thing One and Thing Two! they have pulled more stuffing out of their toys than I ever thought possible. They have also discovered the joys of toilet paper! What toddler doesn't love the fun of pulling the toilet paper off of the roll and just watching it pile up? Well these cute little boys love to steal a roll and unravel it and fight for the roll and then shred it into miniscule sticky little wet pieces of paper that stick to the floor, their teeth, their fur and their beds. Cute, right?
So then there is the wrestling that they do constantly, if one didn't start it, the other will. Novak is teething (big sharp "baby teeth"!) so Nikolay has blood all over his neck and legs from them "biting" at each other! No he doesn't actually have any cuts, it is from the teeth falling out and Novak's gums bleeding while they play, so gross! They fight over all of their toys and taunt and tease each other with them, that is actually pretty cute when they start playing chase trying to get the toy of the moment away from each other. They are both very fast, so when they get to running away and using the terrain of the yard as part of the game it is even funnier! Novak gets on top of the lounge chair and uses it as a little "free zone" when he is up there, Nikolay knows that he needs a little space and will leave him alone up there until he jumps down and is ready to run again!
They love their treats, we call them cookies, and they come running if anyone asks if a baby wants a cookie!
And as for walks, Nikolay is afraid of every dog in the neighborhood, thank goodness Novak protects him! When Niko gets really anxious he will just sit down and not move for anything. Really funny until you figure out he is not going to move! You literally have to pick him up and carry him beyond whatever it is that is scaring him! He only weighs about 55 pounds right now, but how long can this last? What I am going to do when he gets to full size? LOL!
They are really adorable, and we love them so much!
But I don't recommend having two toddler dogs at once, complete chaos!


TheLegacyLady said...

I have had twin toddlers
The cool part is if you can last until these guys are two - they will have a playmate for life and then things will be a is just getting to that point!

Of course my toddlers were twin girls and it took until they were five years old - but dog years are a totally faster process - thank heavens! :)

Kim Hughes said...

I love reading about your toddlers Bek :)

AK2CO Girl said...

oh goodness, at least they'll keep you young and give you even more upper body strength(not that you need it)

Houston said...

I love it! Our Edgar is only a year old and is in full on "testing the boundaries" mode! Isn't it fun to have two. I really wish that my darling husband would consent to getting another dachshund, but alas he is right that our queen sized bed is only big enough for two people and one weiner dog. There is always my son's bed....