Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Cleaning

We spent the day cleaning yesterday, and it was one filthy house!
Here is a picture of Thing One and Thing Two showing what they were doing while we were steam cleaning the carpets and scrubbing everything!
We can't blame them for the entire mess of course, but they are exceptional contributors to the cause!

So here is a little known fact about me, I hate cleaning. The reason is that I am a terrible perfectionist about it and it really bugs me when you spend hours cleaning and then can't tell! Well, our house does have the lived in look, and you can clean for days and it wouldn't show because our cream colored carpets are so "loved" and lived on, LOL! Anyway, it feels much better and we are glad to have it done!
It is snowing today, so I am glad that we did get it all done yesterday and not worrying about where to have the dogs while we were working! They did enjoy their time in the yard yesterday, and played very hard before they enjoyed that little nap!

This week is going to feel like forever, CK is going to be making calls for the HOF winners and I so badly want to be one of the people that they choose! I will be working on a few other things going on in my life while waiting, and have some things to work on to keep me occupied, but I am sure that each day will feel like it's own year! (I know that doesn't make any sense to anyone but it unfortunately does to me, LOL!)
Anyway, have a happy Sunday!


Aly D said...

becky, i didn't know you entered! good luck to you and i hope this week goes fast. they're crazy if they don't pick you!!

AK2CO Girl said...

don't you just love it when 'babies' sleep. My fingers are crossed on the CK thing, you're one of the most talented gals I know.

Houston said...

Sweet sleeping pups, I love it! I did notice the little angels were in the dirt snoozing while you were cleaning those creamy carpets:)
I am thinking of you this week!