Monday, February 04, 2008

A little Monday Sharing

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the blog and picked up the freebie, I really appreciate those of you who left comments, they are really fun to read and give me the warm fuzzies! I love doing these, so look for more in the future!
This week is the last push for a lot of things that I have going on in life. I wanted to share one of the layouts from my last years entry for Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame competition. I am in the final stages of preparing another entry for this year, and it is really nerve-wracking! I have done projects that I am very proud of and have found myself feeling improved in my design skill and photography from where I was last year. I love to push the envelope and always try to improve myself in all that I do. I feel that contests like these really help me do that!I am also finishing last minute preparations for CHA, I just adore my friend Teresa, and can't wait to to see how her product line debut goes, it is very exciting! She is so talented, and I am very proud of her for pursuing her dreams! I hope you don't mind if this post is short because I am going to go do a little of that myself, with my eyes shut!
Thanks peeps!

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