Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Oh my goodness

I am so tired today!
Got up and went and played tennis and then met Teresa at the gym for an hour of cardio, that made me tired to start with! And then we went all stinky, scraggly and soggy to the mall to get some things picked up for CHA. We were both starving, but we got what we needed and did it in record time! So now I am tired and hungry.
I know this is good for me, but man it makes me kind of grumpy, LOL!
Anyway, no projects to share today, too much going on for other stuff, sorry!
I hope everyone else has a day that isn't so tiring!


Brenda said...

good for you getting to the gym - it was snowing so dang hard here i chickened out!

RLynn said...

You forgot to share today's good news!