Saturday, January 05, 2008

Are you bored with my...

Last post yet?

Sorry, it has taken a few extra days to get a new post up, but things have been a little hectic-er (LOL!) than usual this week! (is that even possible?)
Here is a project from the January kit at Creating Inspirations. It is a very fun and colorful kit, perfect for those January blues you get from the winter doldrums!

Getting everyone back to school and into a groove is the hardest part of the holidays for me! I really miss them when they go back, but man it is nice to have the house back to myself again!

We still don't have our puppy yet, so that has us all a little bummed out, but the gal we are working with is in Texas, and that presents unusual considerations for all of us, so much patience is required from all involved!

I got to go up to Kim's last night to crop and visit for a while, we had a little chinese and got a lot done! It is fun to watch her work, she makes mistakes too, but she manages to turn hers into amazing saves, something that I find very inspiring and educational! Nicole couldn't join us, her life is also hectic, imagine that, LOL!

Hope everyone is adjusting to 2008 with no issues, and is enjoying what life is bringing!


Nicole said...

awwww missed you guys! soon though girl 'cause you know i'm going to need a good laugh soon;)

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you!!
Hey, we need a get together again!
When does puppy arive? How fun!
:) Debby

Janna said...

LOVE that striking! jw