Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Things you might never forget...

I have a lot of things that I have experienced in my life because I tend to be an adventurous kind of person. Ran in a couple of marathons, skied incredible terrain, dropped off cornices and through thick forests. But none of it scared me quite as much as what I saw at the gym yesterday with Teresa. You know how you have those friends who can talk you into almost anything? I am usually that person to everyone else, but today Teresa was that to me. I had been at the gym doing the recumbant bike (good for my grumpy knees) and when she got there we did the elliptical and treadmill for another 40 minutes. I was tired and really sweaty and weak in the head! She has had a cold for a few days and likes to go into the steamroom to get her lungs and sinuses cleaned out. This is so NOT my kind of thing, I don't like public pools either, grosses me out. She just wanted to sit for a few minutes and swore up one side and down the other that no one EVER goes in there and it wouldn't be weird. So I went in.

We sat and relaxed and got to stewing and we were just about ready to get out when outside of the room in front of the glass door an older, softer, woman dropped her towel to the floor, bent over (butt to us!) and picked something up and put it on her pile of things, and then proceeded in her BUCK NAKEDNESS to open the door to join us in the steamroom. Teresa and I looked at each other with wide eyes, and I thought I was going to start giggling then and there! I couldn't get out of there fast enough!

Now don't get me wrong, I admire someone who has no body consciousness, I just don't want to see that kind of confidence in person, KWIM? Be confident at home with your drapes closed. The human body is beautiful in so many ways, but in that way, NOT SO MUCH!

Steamroom naked not pretty.

I do have to say though that I am lucky to have a friend that I can have so much fun with! Teresa is such a fun person, and she is always upbeat and so positive! Also she is willing to give it to me straight, and you need friends like that!

So while I will NEVER forget that moment in the steamroom (still scrubbing my eyes!) I will also never forget how funny it was to us and how I am grateful to have a friend that fun to share it with!



Nicole said...

I can't even imagine . . . LOL!

Natalie Malan said...

That has to be the funniest and grossest story I have read in a long time! I don't know how you didn't burst out laughing right then and there!!!

Kim Hughes said...

now THAT is hysterical Bek!!

Erin said...

When I'm 70 and chubby, I'm soooo going to hang out in the steam rooms!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I would have just died rolling on the floor!! More power to her for having a positive body image of herself...but actually it's gross. I wouldn't want to sit whaere she sat!! Glad you have a great friend to share this memory!!