Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some people...

Are just too creative for their own good!
(But at least they share their brilliance with the world!)
Christina has this great layered, rich, textured, elegant digital thing going right now, and it is so stunning! Seriously blows my mind!

This is paper #7 from her PHRESH (like under construction today!) group called "ShabbyChic". I also used one of her journaling spots, her "polaroid" brushes, 7 Gypsies arrows and brads and Natalie Malan's crystal borders from her "Sugar Cookie" add-on kit.
The challenge on the Method Playground for tomorrow is to use bling. So I have bling on the brain baby! I will share my paper version that gets posted with the challenge tomorrow after the next challenge blogpost is up.

It snowed a ton again today, very windy, cold and gorgeous! Call me crazy, but I really love it when it is like this! Tomorrow will be a bluebird day, we have a huge high pressure coming in and that makes it super cold and really bright blue skies, something Utah is lucky to get, sun in the winter! Keeps things cheerful!

Getting things ready for a little celebrating tomorrow, we aren't big party people, but spending a little time with friends and family in a quiet setting is something I really enjoy!
Hope everyone has a wonderful day tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Love this layout!! Hope you are having a wonderful holiday - hope to see you soon - we need to organize another digicrop! :)

Anonymous said...

oh i love all the pink! weeeeeeeee! Awesome!