Saturday, December 08, 2007

New Hair Do

Okay here is a picture of the new cut...

Untouched up, wrinkles, blemishes and all...

this is me and my new do. It is easily 6 inches shorter and she cut a lot of layers in, making it feel very light and loose, love it.

Erin, your observational powers are amazing!

You totally figured out the changes! For those who are not sure what they were, I added the accordion buttons, an extra snowflake on the center and the font is different, I used the Maya Road Philadelphia alpha, and it is easier to read in my opinion.

Also have another project to share, Scenic Route has such a fun and whimsical Holiday line these year, so I made a folder and decorated it in this line, so cute and oh so very useful!
I will use the cards for some storytelling and stick pictures on the other side, and a bunch of extra pictures can go right into the pockets!
Cool right?
It is snowing again today, started late yesterday afternoon and hasn't let up, so we have about another 9 or 10 inches again. The good news is that this last week was pretty warm so the previous storm had melted off before this one got here, so it isn't stacked up!
Our cute little niece got baptised today, she looked so beautiful! It was a nice way to spend the morning with our family!
Also, Dave and I just got back from gettin gour tree and it is in the garage letting all the snow melt off of it from the tree lot. It is a noble fir, and smells like heaven! We will spend the evening with the kids getting the lights and decorations on. I think that is the best part of having the tree is the time we spend getting it put together as a family! Of course it nevers looks decorator perfect, but that is okay, it is still just as beautiful to me!


Julie Ann Shahin said...

Wowsers! Hot mama. :)

Kim Hughes said...

your haircut!

and that album is it!!!

Nicole Stark said...

you already know how much i love the haircut:)!!

wow, you really get a ton of snow down there we still only have a couple of inches here.

Erin said...

look at you hottie! Love it

Rachel Carlson said...

check YOU out bekkers!!! LOVES the new do! hugs, rach

Brenda said...

SO love your new do! So cute. And your project is darling too!

Anonymous said...

it's beautimous...really...that a fantastic photo of you. you look stunning...T