Thursday, November 01, 2007

It is the little things!

I have to remember to take time to slow down and appreciate the little things.
Rachel bless her heart keeps reminding me to breathe, great advice when I start feeling a little overwhelmed.
This class is a project with the idea of remembering all the little things that make your family's traditions special. I am excited to use this myself for my family this season, because our kids are reaching an age that they won't all be with us in the next few years, so I really want to capture and share what it is that makes our holidays special to us.
A really amazing contest has just started at PcLayers digital scrapbooking! They are giving away some amazing prizes, and I am so jealous that I can't play along!
Also, the kit at Creating Inspirations is out and it is a darling combination of Heidi Grace and Cloud Nine goodies that are sure to delight and inspire!
This is Chloe's list of the little things that make her smile, and a lot of the things that she mentions are things that make me smile too!
Like mother like daughter, LOL!


Brenda Hurd said...

very cute! i need to do the same thing and enjoy the little things more often - instead of getting so caught up in everything else. great advice Becky! Have fun on your trip - i'm off to a condo with some friends to scrapbook all weekend!

Anonymous said...

ah bek, thanks and i should take my own advice these days - sigh....HUGE HUGS TO YOU my dear friend! safe travels and have fun! happy weekend, rach