Thursday, August 16, 2007

Me & You

So I got my online class done at Creating Inspirations last night!
It was a ton of prep work, and the class went over 3 hours, but I think it was received really well!
The bummer is that today something went seriously wrong at the site and it has crashed (we think a hacker) so it is gone, all of the downloaded images, instructions and clarifications vanished.
Site is restored and classes are intact and available!!!
Anyway, this layout was one of the free classes that had been available, I love this picture of Chloe and EV, it is so them! I tell you that cat is just lost when the girls aren't around to make her the princess constantly!
This cat has a great story!
We rescued her when she was six months old, she was sick with a kitty cold and had a heart murmur. The sweet rescue lady told us this and said we just aren't sure how long she will live, it might be two days, two months or too long, we just don't know. And Chloe in her sweet perfect eleven-year old wisdom told her that it didn't matter that we would make all of her days that she had the best ones ever. And they have done that, every day this cat is loved on like it could be her last! That was four years ago, and kitty girl has grown out of the murmur according to the vet and she weighs about 20 lbs! She can reach the door handles (thank goodness she hasn't figured them out!) because she is so tall, and she is at home anywhere in the house, she trusts us all implicitly! We are very fortunate to have her, and she will be loved everyday like it is her last!

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Anonymous said...

awww bek i'm sorry to hear about your class!

this layout is just so sweet. i love the picture and the story behind it.