Saturday, April 14, 2007

So Cute!

Taylor and Tyler in front of Tuscany!
They are both so sweet, and so cute!
Yup, I am biased, but this was a very cool mommy moment!

I am also a little upset with myself, I changed the batteries in my camera and forgot to reset the size to 6 mega pixels so all of my pics are in 1, one stinking lousy megapixel!
I want to cry for being such a ding bat!
I have been dying for a new camera for quite a while, and this is why! I bought the darn thing so long ago when 6 was a huge thing! Now, 6 is tiny and 1 is basically uneditable, seriously sick to my stomach right now!!!
This kind of problem just wouldn't happen with new cameras and the way their batteries are set up!
I have to literally reset the entire camera when I change batteries, and it is so often that you would think that I would have learned by now!
This is tragic to me.
Anyway, they did a group activity of laser tag earlier today, and they had a great time, and dinner at Tuscany is always delish so this is going to be a day that will be remembered fondly!


Anonymous said...

oh b, so sorry about the mega-p's - grrrr. the photo is darling nonetheless! why don't you try recreating the photo, see if the kids will get dressed up again, camera on the right setting of course and take them out to eat again for indulging you to take this photo!? you never know, they might go for it - it's worth a shot - no pun intended! HUGE hugs, rachel

Jana said...

They look sooooo cute!!!

Anonymous said...

darling... they are so CUTE!

Helle Greer said...

Cute couple, Great picture, I have the same problem with my camera. We need a new one for our birthday...