Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday is a special day

Today Dave and I got up and went to the aerobic tennis workout, lots of balls, lots of running and lots of fun. After that hour and a half of sweating profusely, I went to my team workout and hit for another hour and a half with girls who absolutely RACK on the ball! So much FUN! I got home, exhausted, sweatier and ready to put ice on every joint I own! So instead of sitting down Dave and I went over to the church and fulfilled our scheduled commitment to help clean the church building. The good thing is that when everyone shows up it goes quickly! Dave and I vacuumed (my shoulders were so tired, the vacuum felt like it weighed 1000 pounds!) a bunch of the classrooms, emptied the trash cans and shook the front foyer entry mats and then vacuumed them. The building always looks so nice, and it is so great that all the families in the stake take turns to care for the building!
I am now finally sitting down and icing knees and watching Wimbledon Women's finals. Mauresmo is finally staying tough and beating Henin-Hardenne. Any tennis fan worth their balls is supporting Mauresmo because of the Australian Open where Henin-Hardenne retired from the finals in the second set she was playing against Mauresmo because her stomach hurt. Such incredibly bad form to steal such an important moment from another athlete that they have earned! Congrats Amelie, well deserved win! Beautifully played tennis!
On the scrapping side of life, I have taken this week off. I had so much tennis to watch and so many other things going on, that this took a break. It is good for me, I think that this keeps me fresh and humgry, I always have so many ideas in my head that it is really hard to stay focused, so a little time off helps me. Whenever I get back to my room after a small break, the ideas that have the most staying power find a way to a page usually!
Sometimes is I wish that I had way more time, but I don't think that I am alone in that wish!
Well, I will be watching the Men's Wimbledon final tomorrow with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, hoping that it will be on in my craft room, and not my bedroom with my ice packs!

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