Saturday, December 17, 2005

Looooong week!

It was a long week, really long!
I was sick, fever for five days, sore throat so bad head was a snot bucket etc.
Our computer crashed hard, and was decom for four days.
The Prima DT was chosen and Rox made it (BIG WooHoo!) but I chunked that!
Not only did I crash with my Junkitz entry, I think that there was a bomb attached that blew up all of my self esteem with it.

Ima Wannabe!
What was I thinking with this LO?
Oh, it seemed so clever and unusual when I put it together, and now it is just like DUH!

It actually is really cute, but so utterly not fantastic! Really, what was I thinking?

Will U B a Ute 2
I love this LO so much! The colors, shapes, design elements were all there for me! I tried to make the little Junkitz buttons look like the ute drums with the photo turns resembling the feathers on the drums and everything (you might have to have been a UTE to get it) zig-zag stitched my stamping, and wow, I could hear it falling like lead balloon all week long. Is it really that bad? What don't I get?

My 3-D project was my absolute favorite, and well, apparently it wasn't anyone else's favorite though! I'm leaving those pics for a whole different post though!

Anyway, feeling like the biggest snot bucket LOOSAH evah!

Did get my Christmas cards stamped and embossed and put together, and now they just need signed!
Did get my birthday tags done for BooBugBear and Flo!
Worked on Mom and Dad's Christmas gift, not many pages, but at least a start.
Did get Tyler's stocking cut and layed out, now it just needs to be sewn.
I feel better today after getting some of the things started that were making me crazy while I was sick and whiny all week, but I am feeling miles behind!
Gonna try to play catch up for the next eight days, wish me luck that next week will be productive, but not as loooong!


SageHen said...

Aw, {{{hugs}}} sounds like an all around misrable week. For what it's worth, I would have put you on the Junketz team. But no one asks my opinion.
And I, like you feel like a hack in more ways than one. *coughcoughcoughachoocoughhackshiver*

Jennifer S. said...

I LOVE your LO's - esp. the Wannabe one. It's soooo good TFS :) You are NOT a loosah!!!!