Sunday, December 18, 2005

The Junkitz 3-D project

This is what I designed for the Junkitz design team tryout.

It is very simple and basic on the outside and has the use of storing love letters/notes.

(as if I ever get any of those! A girl can wish.)

The whole bummer about this is that I spent so much of my time putting this submssion together that I didn't have as much time to do the Basic Grey album the way I would have like to. That is not my excuse for not having an album that did better in the contest, because I loved what I did and would not have done things differently.

I had just prioritized this project and basically left myself almost no time to do the BG thing.

Next time (as if there will ever be a next time to do this much torture to myself) I would do things a little differently.
I gave so much time and attention to the Junkitz products getting to know them and becoming comfortable with them so that they would look "right" when I used them, not forced.

It worked for me, I love to work with Junkitz and I feel like they missed out on not having me to create with them, but they know what is best for their business. The bummer is that there are not any Local shops that carry their products and I don't really like to shop on-line. So I probably won't be going that far out of my way to use a product that is so hard to get and is a little too expensive. I am a little sour right now, it is a bummer that I don't think I was even really considered seriously, not even ever in the running.
I have so much to learn about this industry and I am not sure that my ego can take it.
Sadly, I am used to being rewarded for my efforts. I have worked in other industries that were more objectively based, and either you performed to the level of excellence and you were recognized for it or you didn't and too bad, so sad. This type of industry is so subjective and everyone is as good as the next and the only way to choose is by personal preference. I don't create anything for others preferences, I do this for myself and I obviously have WAY different taste than those who I have wanted to impress.
Oh well.
Anyway, I am sure that I will be doing more design team submissions, and I know that my heart will be broken again, I just should have realized that these contest were to close together and spaced my rejections more carefully. This puts a serious damper on my wanting to try to do any Hall of Fame layouts or trying to do this to make money to pay for my spending habits.
Enough of my whining, I need to focus on the tasks at hand. Provide a memorable and exciting holiday season for my kids, and get over this stupid sinus infection!


Jennifer said...

Love the love letter box - I think it's FABULOUS!!!

Corinnexxx said...

wow wowowowowow so love this! You should submit it next year for valentine I know this is going to be picked uot for sure!!


daphne said...

You came up with a beautiful entry for this contest and deserve to be proud! As Corinne said, it's sure to be picked up for something else, so I would start submitting it everywhere!

Sophia said...

What a beautiful and original box! It's a winner in my eyes!

Merry, Merry!

Jennifer Lynn said...

Your box looks lovely. Hang in there - this industry is so full of ups and downs and what folks want today may not be what works for them tomorrow so don't shut yourself off to future opportunities!

Rachael Chamberlain said...

This is so beautiful, Becky! You should be so proud of yourself for doing both of these contests!

Keep your chin up, I know this box is going to be a winner! :)

Chrys said...

This is beautiful!!! I agree...Submit it!!!!!!!!!

Deanna Kroll said...

This looks great - awesome 3-D project!

Julie said...

LOVE you project! It is stunning and shows how much work you put into it. I loved mine too...but call