Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Run to Target!

These are my Dollar Spot finds! I love them! There are three kinds of printed tape, one has bright pink snowflakes, one has very thin stripes in Bright pink, white and light and dark green and the other has white, light and dark green and bright pink polka dots! Then there are the chenille ribbons, so soft and yummy in bright pink and Becky Green! There are these wonderful bobby pins with little square jewels and then sequined flower hair clips, so FAB!

I have made two layouts for my scrapbooks with the goodies that I bought there!

This is the first one that I did, it was from Chloe's Sixth Grade Graduation! It is such a special picture, and I wanted just the right look for it! I had not found just what I wanted until I found these fun shiny Girlie Girl clips

The second(sorry about the bad photo of the layout, it is late and I don't have good light!) is from Laurel's 14th birthday! This picture was from Girl's Camp, where she got to celebrate with all the girls from the ward! She was so happy and she is so fuzzy about what kind of layouts I do for her, they can't be to fem or she hates them! I thought this turned out perfect for her! So festive and fun, but simple and CUTE!

Anyway, run, don't walk to Target, because this stuff is so cool, it won't be there long! Don't forget to get the take-out boxes, they are also very fun!

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