Friday, November 18, 2005

Junkitz Design Team Entry

Submitted my Design Team entry for Junkitz yesterday. I have spent the entire day today second guessing whether I sent the right stuff or not. I love what I did for the different requirements.
I had been working on this entry for a while, and I can't post the projects that I submitted, so I am posting the two that were inspired by my 3-D project.

I have loved the challenge of pushing myself with using just products that I could find. Junkitz has been hard for me to find in my area, and I am not much of an online shopper.

So I tried to be really creative with the items that I did have that I hadn't used on my other stuff!
There are days when I feel like I can do anything with paper and glue.
That was yesterday!
Today has been long trying and very frustrating with my real world, and the self-doubt is creeping in.
So I put these here to remind me that I love what I do, and that is what matters.
I really would like to work with Junkitz, and I did my very best with what I had available to me, and I hope that it is what they are looking for.
If not, then I will have some beautifully preserved memories, and hopefully a sense of accomplishment for at least giving it a great try!

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Jessie said...

You have such a great sense of style. I love your work! :)