Sunday, October 02, 2005

A quick weekend visit!

This would be Karla, and she always has her camera with her!
My family was lucky enough to have my "sister" Karla and her kids Rawley and Kricket from Oregon come and visit for a day! They drove over Thursday night and got here Friday morning at 8:30.
I wish I had a picture of what it looked like when I went to pick them up! They drove with another family in a "motor home". This deal looked like the Clampett's from the Beverly Hill Billies! It was hilarious! Ten tired looking people piled out of this vehicle! There was stuff everywhere, kids running around and muffin crumbs on everything! At some point during the drive, they had hit a very large rock and it had become lodged in the oil cooler of the engine! They had just come across 700 miles of Southern Oregon and Northern Nevada desert, and if they had broken down at any time along the way, it would have been a disaster! The motor home pulled into the designated meeting place, dripping a little oil, but running. The engine was turned off to unload them into my car, and then it was turned back on, and SPEW! After a few trips to Pep Boys, (which happened to be only a block away), a case of oil and an oil cooler later ($300) the owner of the motor home, Leif had managed to repair it within an hour! Out in the desert, no Pep Boys, no nothing, would have been a big problem! We were so happy that they were watched over on their travels!
I got them to the house, and they had brought us gifts! We love Harry and David's, and they had brought all of our favorites! Moose Munch, Strawberry Sticks, Gummy Clown Fish, Wasabi Trail Mix, Dark chocolate truffles and the best jerky from Gary West! So YUMMY!
Karla is looking for a car, so we went car shopping to a couple of places she wanted to look at. She is so opinionated! I think we probably drove one of everything! Nothing was just right, so we went to the next project, Scrapbooking! We did some show and tell and some idea swapping!
Then while the kids played Karla, Roxanne and I shopped for... Scrapbooking stuff! Yup, it never ends, it begins with Scrapbooking and ends there too! Karla is just starting, and she shopped all the cool local stores, Pebbles, Paper Creations, and we Cleaned Robert's out! At Robert's this weekend they had a 50% coupon, along with their regular 40%! Needless to say, we were there both Friday and Saturday! So many great deals, and she bought some great stuff to get her books going! Karla, I am so excited for you, and can't wait to see what you come up with! You are so talented with everything else, this will be a piece of cake!
I had to let them leave today at 10:00 a.m. ! We only get to see each other a few times a year, so this little unexpected jaunt was so great! I miss them all ready and we will be planning the next great get away! Maybe Thanksgiving there? Posted by Picasa

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