Thursday, September 29, 2005


So, I did it. In May, I finally graduated from the University of Utah with my degree In Economics. I was afraid of math. I had to take six courses in math. I hadn't written a paper in 15 years, I had to write a lot of papers. I was "old", I am about twice the age of the freshmen just starting their collegiate adventures. But I was accepted and encouraged by the students and faculty, and had an exceptional experience with finishing my education. I was successful in that I loved my major. I was successful in that I made many new friends. I was successful in my grades in that I was able to graduate Cum Laude (top 8% approx.) and with honors. I was successful in that I set a good example for my children, in that I believe an education is important.
Now, what will I do with a degree in Economics? Be a stay at home mother. I feel that I still have much to do in the upbringing and molding of my children. Their well being and the need for me to support them in this part of their journey is very important to me. So why did I go back and finish my degree? Because everyone needs a "B" plan, and if something were to happen to Dave, or I needed to go back , I would be a better provider. You never know. So right now, I am practicing my career in "Beckonomics". That could be described as trying to do the best that I can with each day that I have with my kids! Posted by Picasa


SageHen said...

Congratulations on your graduation. Economics is a great degree to have as a SAHM, I wish I had a better idea about money management.

Sophia said...

What a huge accomplishment! And you are right, what an example for your children! That is absolutely wonderful! I've just read your whole blog and love it! I'll be back to visit often!!