Thursday, October 13, 2005

7th Grade Math

Math, one of my recently conqured phobias is haunting me at my every turn! My oldest son is in Pre-calculus as 10th grader, and my 9th and 7th grade girls both are doing Pre-algebra. So the older son will ask for help, rarely, but it happens. We can flip back a few pages do some review time for mom and then we are pretty good to go. With the girls, I don't have to review. I am ready when they ask, the problem is they don't ask until they are frustrated and or just wanting me to do it for them. Chloe had a complete meltdown on me, and Laurel refuses to write any of the process down, she just wants to do it in her head. The girls are very good at math, they understand the principles, and are not afraid of it. They just are lazy and don't want to do it. I am very grateful for that!
I am so glad that I went back to school to deal with my own "issues" with math, so I can now recognize what is going on with the kids. Encouraging the kids to study and learn it well now will prepare them for a much more successful higher learning process. In spite of what I know, I can still look at a Jr. high math book and get the willies! Posted by Picasa

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