Thursday, May 10, 2012

Card Creations 10 by Paper Crafts Magazine

I love to make pretty things with paper.
Not only that, I am really lucky that sometimes some of the things that I love that were made from paper end up being published  <3
Card Creations 10 is where my most recent projects can be found, and it is a gorgeous special issue from Paper Crafts Magazine.

This is one of my projects that can be found in Card Creations 10. An interesting little designer insight, it completely irritates me that I didn't cut the text leaf to go the other direction, but I didn't catch it until I was writing up the supply/instruction list to send in with the project and it was too late. I do love this card though, and was so thrilled when it was selected for publication in this high octane special issue!



Sam said...

I like to make cards for no reason or just seasons. This would be a great card to create for fall in my room from or maybe a great Thanksgiving card as well.

AJ said...

gah! would NEVER had noticed ifyou hadn't said anything!! love it, great card! hope you are well!! :)

az10sgal said...

Actually, I like that the type is upside down. The design element of that paper is there, but because you can't immediately read it, it doesn't take away from the overall leaf design. Sooooo....just say you planned it that way!

Jill Norwood said...

Gorgeous card! Love it and want to try one myself!

Brenda said...

This card is stunning!