Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Graphic 45 Metal Butterflies and UTEE with Perfect Pearls Tutorial

The new metal butterflies that Graphic 45 just released this show are so darling! I have had a lot of fun bending, shaping and embellishing them, and thought it would be fun to share a tutorial on adding color using UTEE and Perfect Pearls.

I started with some basic supplies:

Perfect Pearls in a variety of colors
Perfect Medium Pens
Perfect Medium Brushes
Ranger Distress Embossing Ink
Heat It tool
Graphic 45 Metal (butterflies to be store soon!)
Of course this technique works beautifully on the other metal staples as well.

Start by applying the distress embossing ink lightly to the surface of the metal by placing a drop on and then smearing around with your finger. I bent the butterflies with round nose pliers before beginning, they can be bent after but the UTEE will crack. That is a great technique and look for a more vintage look, so don't think it is a bad thing and not try it down the road at some time.

Sprinkle a layer of UTEE onto the metal and then heat on a safe surface until completely melted with the Heat It tool.

Lay down lines with the Perfect Medium pen where you will want to add color. For this butterfly I started by going around the outside edges.

Apply the Perfect Pearl color of your choice with the puffy brush by lightly dabbing in the color tub and then   brushing and swirling the pearl into place. The medium will pick up the color and the brush will whisk away what doesn't stick so the pearl won't be where you don't want it.
Melt with the Heat It until the pearl blends with the UTEE.

Keep adding layers of pearl colors as desired.

You can also lightly and carefully sprinkle a little extra UTEE on while the piece is hot to "loosen up" the pearl if it feels to clumpy.

This is what the butterfly looks like when the lines from the pen are kept intact.

And this one I used the UTEE to loosen up the lines, but drew "eyes" on the butterfly's wings. The colors were inspired by those of a peacock and were fun to try and imitate.

This technique is really easy and quite fun to experiment with, the possibilities are limitless!

Have fun!!


Rachel said...

I look at the things you create and make and I just want to say that you are "uber" talented... Is "uber" even a word, I don't know. You are truly so amazing and so so talented!!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning B!!!!!

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