Thursday, November 03, 2011

Giving a Little Love to My Paper Craft Rejects

The acceptances went out for the Paper Crafts May/June 2012 issue today. And while I will have a project in there, I also have a few that didn't get picked up that I LOVE, and want to share. Not just because they are fun, but because they have a story and it is one I think is worth sharing.
One of the calls was for projects using inspirational quotes on projects. I am a huge fan of Dr. Seuss and the art form he perfected in crafting beautiful, wise and whimsical phrasing that has meaning to all who read his works. From the youngest child just learning to read to the older and more experienced, he left no one in need...

With that in mind I am going to share a crafting challenge that I tried to use and make an opportunity to overcome and grow my design skills.

First I found a quote from Dr. Seuss that could be very inspiring to graduates, teachers and hopefully most anyone who would need a little pick me up or encouragement. Then I used some favorite fonts and colors that would compliment the Ruby Rock-It paper line I had in mind to make the card from. The paper was then trimmed and run through the printer. So here is a first suggestion so we can all learn from my experience, do a test run first. Why you might ask, well if you are running out of ink and you don't know it or aren't paying attention to the computer message center your little work of art could turn into something a little different than what you had planned and imagined.

That would be where this first card comes from. The colors are not what I had planned, but I am stubborn and decided that it was cute and worth making a card to submit. The papers are from the Ruby Rock-It Bella Boy collection and Basic Grey's Out of Print collection.

So with the submission deadline looming, I made the run to Office Depot to pick up refills for my blue and black ink wells for my hungry little printer. $37.86 later I was back at home hitting the print button again after loading the ink.

This inspiring card was what I had imagined from the beginning, and was thrilled to see it come to fruition! Now that I look at it and see the scale of it, it wold have been much better executed as a gift bag. But that is the fun of going through this process with each call. I learn so much and love the challenges that come from pushing myself to go through this process. Even with the "rejection" I feel empowered and inspired to enjoy the creative process more and to learn more so I might be more successful the next time around.

What do you enjoy about your creative process and how does rejection affect you? Does it shut you down or do you grow from it? I am curious and would love to hear about your experiences. Do you take flops and try to save them or do you circle file them?

Inquiring minds want to know!!!

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Kathy W said...

I personally love your first card, so much that it would be perfect to have on a larger scale for a bulletin board in my classroom. How can you go wrong with Dr. Seuss? Great choice of colors. I never throw anything away. If I create a total flop, I'll repurpose it into something else. For me it is all about the process. For cards I love, I display them in my craft room because they make me happy. Thanks for sharing!