Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chalkboard Pumpkin Tutorial

I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own chalkboard pumpkins. I did them last year and wrote about them in a post, but didn't think to share any of the information in that post. That post continues to be one of the more popular and I don't want anyone to come to the blog hoping for information and leaving disappointed because the post wasn't intended as a how-to, but as a this was fun.

So lets get down to the nuts and bolts, and don't worry there is plenty of time to pull this off before Halloween arrives. 

What you will need:
  1. Pumpkins (I used the plastic ones from the craft store so they could be used year after year, but you could certainly paint a real one and just chuck it when you are done with it.)
  2. Chalkboard paint (I tried the spray can type first and was not happy with the results, so went with the kind in the can and loved the results)
  3. Glue (I used Multi Medium by Claudine Hellmuth because I could brush it on, but most any kind would work)
  4. Paintbrushes (A few different sizes for different jobs, rinse immediately after each application)
  5. Black Glitter (I used a very inexpensive craft style)
  6. White Chalk (Found it at Target but I think most school supply sections of a store would have it)
  7. Drop Cloth (Something to protect the surface you will be working on)

Start by putting a layer of chalkboard paint onto the pumpkin. 

Continue adding layers of paint until you get a nice even coverage, set it aside to dry.

Apply glue to the stem of the pumpkin and then sprinkle black glitter over the glue, set it aside to dry.

Get the chalk out of its box (if this will be a gift you 
could give the whole box of chalk or tie a piece onto the stem with a cute piece of ribbon)

Once the chalk is in hand, have fun! Write a greeting a give it as a gift with some treats, draw a cute or spooky face for your porch or add more glitter and glam it up as a centerpiece for the table. Paint tiny ones and use them as place settings, the possibilities are endless!! 

Happy Haunting!


Craft said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [31 Oct 02:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

jen said...

Genius! I'll definitely try this out!! HUGE congrats on your WCMD win!