Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hambly Transparency Art Journal

I have always wanted to create in an art journal, but certain logistics and personal creative quirks have held me back. Being on the Hambly design team with a high caliber artist like Dina Wakley has inspired me to take the plunge, and so I took a hard look at all the parameters that had previously held me back and designed a unique art journal to fit my quirky needs.

I had to have a transparency so that when and if something spilled on it, I wouldn't panic or stress. I would be able to wipe it right off. I also needed pages that I could take out and put back in very easily and that would be able to take a lot of abuse and wet layers, so I made manila pages.

This is what the inside of the album looks like, for a complete tutorial on how to make one visit the Hambly blog.

Now it sits on a shelf waiting for me to have a few minutes here and there to play, and I am excited to use it!

Can't wait to stick little notes, ink washes, inspirational thoughts, and favorite stamps and patterned papers in this little cutie!!


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