Friday, December 10, 2010

So Very Merry

Are you in the holiday spirit yet? I was struggling to find some, we have been really busy and there just hasn't been the time or more importantly, we haven't made time to appreciate the reason for the season. A sweet friend and I spent the evening together at the Dickens Festival at the Utah State Fairgrounds and while it was light on the Dickens and heavy on the noisy and bustling, it was a great way for me to find my holiday spirit. I think taking the time to slow down and step away from everything that is constantly pulling on me was what it took for the merry to find a way in.
A card made with Doodlebug's adorable Christmas line is almost sweet enough to need a trip to the dentist's office to fill the cavities it creates. This is what the holidays are about for me, time with my loved ones appreciating all the reasons that we have to make merry. So nice to be reminded of that and get back on track.


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